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The Asheville Flag Contest: Meet Your Contestants, Part 1

You can now vote for Asheville's official flag. While I'm glad that you can finally vote, I do find it inconvenient that you can't just look at the darned things. So, for your viewing pleasure, I present the first ten contest entries, along with attempts at snarky comments.

Ah, MSPaint, is there nothing it can't do? I don't remember than many random abstract rectangles the last time I was downtown.

Ah, vaguely positive sounding buzzwords, is there nothing they can't do? There is something rather ominous about this flag. I feel like I'm about to be attacked by gray boomerangs.

I find the cutesy font a bit forced, but the image of lifting up the mountaintop to look underneath it is kind of cool.

I have no idea what this has the hell to do with anyhting.

More buzzwords, looking rather depressing down there in the darkness. I do like the close-encounter-esque shaft of light in the middle, but what is up with the lack of capitalization?

Whoa, man....The word "Asheville" is completely unnecessary, however.

Way too busy. You can't lead people with a banner that takes ten minutes to decipher.

More MSPaint. More detailed however, and no invasions from planet Abstract.

That's not a flag. Its the cover of a card, or the start of a burma shave ad, but its not a flag.

Finally, here we go. A masterpiece of design. Also pretentious and unfunny.

Well that's it for the first ten. Why not vote for your favorite now? I'll have the rest up soon.

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