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Blogging without a computer is hard

So, I performed at the Asheville Fringe Festival. It was pretty cool. Infortunately, while I was performing, someone stole my laptop and a URTV tripod (plus perhaps a few other film things I rented) from my car. So, now I owe URTV that back, and I have not home computer, which....well, sucks incredible ass. but I shall persevere! I shall remain upbeat.
Incidentally, my entire archive of episodes and material was with my laptop, so I don't think I'll be able to get those episodes up on the internet (unless by some miracle the cops recover everything, and intact.) OTOH, I now have contacts for everyone who performed at the Fringe Festival, so I believe I will be able to feature almost all of them on upcoming episodes. I also have the footage I and my brother and Megan took, so that will be cool to get on URTV. So, new episodes will be comong out soon, and directly from the TV to the internet.

The Pleasure Saucer will not be denied! Praise Bob!

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