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The Travails of Local Celebrity

So I'm at work, and one of my supervisors, a sweet if incredibly Christian woman, walks up to me. She walks up to me with a smiling, slightly worried expression, and spends the the first 30 seconds confirming that we are good friends (we are) and that I'm feeling good (reasonably) and that I won't take criticism personally (a little bit of weeping, but that's it.)
The tells be she caught the last half of episode three last night, featuring Raven and Willow, two dancers from the Trophy Club. So far, it has been my most "extreme" episode, with content that would have to be shown after 2 AM. She wanted me to know that I was "smarter" and "better" than what she saw. I replied that it was preceisely that attitude that prompted me to do those types of shows, do show that stripping is not "beneath" anyone. It is, at its essence, an artform, and thus should be praised and admired. The unfortunate fact that it is not is a condemnation on our dysfunctional culture, not stripping.
This is the first time someone not connected with URTV has mentioned the Pleasure Saucer to me. Weird feeling.

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