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Asheville Bloggers, Unite!

There was a blogger conference at the Rocket Club tonight. I attended, partly to pimp URTV, and partly because I do have a blog, so I should be doing something with it. Among the talk of progression and empowerment, there was talk of setting up a ad revenue sharing network for Asheville blogs, with certain standards for what sort of blog could get in. This would, in effect, create a sort of Asheville Blog Guild, (although I think I'll use the term co-op, since that gives you the acronym ABC and I'm a sucker for stuff like that.) I'm of two minds about the subject. On the one hand, I do like the idea of money, and not doing all the work to get said money. On the other hand, this does have a hint of elitism. Now, I have against people being elitist, expect when it may leave me out in the cold, and my confidence if my blog fu is not great (not having my own computer right now probably contributes to that.) But, we will see what happens. Btw, while the decor of the "Rocket Club" isn't nearly gimmicky enough for my tastes (I wanted wait-staff in silver foil jump suits and cups shaped like flying saucers), the groovy tables and chairs were a step in the right direction.
I am going to try to blog every single day from now on. I figure If I can maintain that what I am without computer, it should by much easier to pull off once I get a replacement. Also, new episode next week.

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