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This town is just so cool, but..... do you afford your Ashevillian lifestyle?

Yes, that is how I'm spelling it, thank you very much.

So we had a Mardi Gras parade in town last Tuesday. I didn't go, because I have a 9-to-5 job that is sucking the lifeforce right out of me and slowly driving me insane. I'm working on that.
The master plan for the the TV show is to get sponsors, enough so that I can live off the sponsorships. So, if anyone out there would like to have their product, service, or organization promoted on cable television, let me know.
One of the things really pissing me off lately is this prostitution crackdown by the local police. The mugshots of those arrested for solicitation or prostitution are now publically available online at the APB website and on channel 11. The comments on the various Asheville blogs about this have been varied, but uniformily depressing. Some puritan bluenoses welcome this, some see relatively minor (to my mind) civil rights issues with publically shaming those who haven't been convicted. The consensus seems to be that as long as only the "whores" and "lowlifes" get punished, and the decent people are left alone, this sort of thing is fine.

FUCK THAT. And fuck decent people, while you're at it.

Prostitution should not be illegal. It should not be condemned by society. The women and men who engage in this ancient and honorable profession should not be subject to the scorn of those who engage in more boring trades, and they should not be such easy targets for any random psycho who wnats to get his homicidal jollies off.
Possessing the talent and skill to engage in such a deeply pleasurable activity, one that is so integral to the human experience, so well as to be paid for it should be celebrated. Sex pros should have the same status as violinists and chefs. Virtually all the "problems" with this profession would disappear if the people with the laws and guns weren't sin-obsessed, sexually disfunctional crazy people. The pimps, the health issues, the exploitation, the addiction- these are all symptoms of being forced to operate outside of the basic societal niceties we all too often take for granted.
Those who know me, and those who have read this blog and seen my show, might believe me to be a frivolous fellow. And it is true that I do try to find the joke in everything. But there are quite a few causes I feel quite deeply on, and this is one of them. I intend to focus on this quite a bit in the near future, and lead a campaign of liberalization and decriminalization towards sex work in Asheville.


Episkopos Cain said...

I always found it amusing that the decision to sleep with someone for free is perfectly legal and good, but as soon as money enters the transaction it becomes evil and wrong.

Of course, if people went around enjoying themselves and each other more often...well then, society itself would collapse! People having less hangups about sex would make them less open to guilt, and create a resevoir of repressed sexuality, which is useful when you need to invade a foreign country or go beat up some wierdos.

It would be terrible. Heh.

Johnny Lemuria said...

I'm all about some society collapsing. You're right, of course- its somewhat humbling for me to realize that how much of what we consider "reality" is just the projection of several commonly-held neuroses.

Gordon Smith said...

I moved away from the area after graduating from college. I needed some adventuring, and I knew that the long-term job situation here wasn't pretty without more education, more focus, or both. It took me going to grad school and getting a degree to be able to make it here.

Other folks do it other ways, of course. That focus piece is key. If you can carve out your niche, then you'll be fine. If you're always trying to wile your way into someone else's, then you'll struggle forever.