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I have now bitten more off that I can chew....

....which if you seen me eat, you know is quite a lot.
I recently decides that the Pleasure Saucer needed to throw a fund-raising concert for URTV, like the ones Mount Dungeon has been doing. I've already talked with Fighting Fauna, Tony Wain and the Payne, and Phuncle Sam. This is going to be a full-on Subgenius Devival, with ranting, music, sideshows, sex, violence, and high weirdness. Nothing firm on exact dates, but I'm thinking my birthday, October 20th.
Now, this in of itself is not terrible. Its going to be a big undertaking, but I think I could do that. So why in the name of that is unholy did I volunteer, while filming the Kings of Prussia today for Mount Dungeon, to also plan the next Mount Dungeon fundraiser, to happen some time in November? Why? Ack!
Ah, well. We'll see what happens.

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