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Pleasure Saucer Needs Money!

Not in an immediate sense, mind you. I am desperately poor, in debt, and living paycheck to paycheck by my fingernails, but that's normal. So I'm okay with that. I am, however, sick and tired of working at my present job, and I'm sick and tired of presenting you, my loyal viewers, with a show that would be better if I could spend more time and money on it. So, the plan is to get sponsors for my show. If I get enough, I can work on the show full-time, devoting more time and resources to it. I'll be happy, you'll be happy, we'll all be happy.
So, what would this sponsorship entail?
  • $35 would get you a 10-second spot on the Pleasure Saucer television show, as well as a graphic link on the website. I would produce all promotional materials involved.
  • $70 would get you a 20-second spot on the Pleasure Saucer television show, a graphic link on the website, and a text link on each post. This text link would get sent along with the post to anyone subscribed to this blog.
  • $105 would get you a 30-second spot, a graphic link, a text link, and a sponsored post. That's a whole post singing the praises of your business, group, event, or what have you.
So if you have something to publicize, want to support local Asheville art & culture, and want to be a friend of the show, consider sponsoring me. This would not have to be a long term thing, either. Have a party or something similar you want to promote? Why not sponsor the episode showing before the event? If you are interested, or have any questions, please let me know.

1 comment:

Frank said...

How do I sponsor your show? I e-mailed you a msg at your e-mail address. Please get back to me. Thanks, Frank.