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Asheville Democratic HQ trashed

On August 24th or thereabouts, The Asheville Democratic HQ was trashed by a group called Citizens Hoping Against New Gas Emissions. Here is the Mountain Xpress article on the subject, and here is the press release by the group:

Last night, on the eve of the Democratic National Convention, we trashed the Democratic Party Headquarters in Asheville, NC. We dumped several gallons of used motor oil onto their front porch and painted, “No war, No warming, No Drilling” on their walls.

We took this action to express our outrage at the Democrats pandering to the oil companies. Instead of looking for real solutions to global warming, the Democratic party, including the head honcho himself, Barack Obama, is pushing to open up more of our fragile coastal ecosystems to oil drilling. If this plan is allowed to go forward thousands of miles of coastline could be devastated by this toxic industry. All the while, greenhouse gas emissions will escalate, and our Earth’s climate will teeter closer to the tipping point.

Meanwhile the Democrats continue to fully support the war on terror. While making half hearted gestures about ending the Iraq war, they have remained unabashed supporter of the war in Afghanistan. One recent highlight of this “just” war was the massacre of over 90 civilians at a wedding last week. Democrats, may the ghost of these innocents haunt you for the rest of your lives.

This action was taken in solidarity with all those in the streets of Denver, and people around the world who refuse to be silent.

Citizens Hoping Against New Gas E.missions

They're right.
That's all there is to it. For all the talk of "change", Obama supports FISA, the blue dog wing of the democrats have given the telecom industry immunity, and now now offshore drilling, which is useless, is on the table. This is not change. This is old shit in new bottles. Oh, I almost forgot, America is still fighting that darned war, even though the democrats have a majority.

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