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Asheville HOURS, anyone?

So couple of days ago, I had a meeting with Jenny Bowen of the "Faces of Asheville" project. When she took someone's picture for the project, she also gave them a questionnaire. She's planning a series of community forums based upon the answers to the forum's questions. Evidently the radical vibe still runs strong in Asheville, because I've been asked to help facilitate a couple of them; one on alternative currencies, and one on dual power.
I've has a major interest in alt currencies for over ten years now, ever since finding out about Ithaca HOURS. I've also been involved in a group or two previously who were talking about starting an alt currency. The problem is, no one took the plunge. Well, call me plunger man. It is may intention to get an Asheville HOURS system developed, so that come the forum it already up and running.

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