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My latest episode, and my betters

Episode 22 part 1

Episode 22 part 2

So here it is, Episode 22. A bit rushed, but not terrible, I think. Hopefully it jumps around enough to be entertaining. I'd be a bit more enthused, but I'm being outclassed by several others, in some of the themes I'm trying to explore.
  • The first is The Anti-Show, a fellow URTV effort. They have got gobsmacking WTF surrealism down to a fine science.
  • Second is the FKN Newz. Its like Spider Jerusalem got his own YouTube channel.
  • The third is SubMedia, recently introduced to me by a friend from Firestorm Cafe. I. Am. In. Awe. I'm sure I've felt gut-wrenching envy more acutely than when I first started watching this stuff, but I don't remember when. Watch it. Now. They do more with one clip to radicalize the mind than I'd done in twenty episodes. Damn.

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