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Episode 26: Jenny Bowen & The Mezmer Society

videoSo it turns out my modem is working after all. For now. The more observant of you might notice that this is not the episode that premiered today. This is actually last week's episode. I'll be putting up the latest one just after this post is done.
The even more observant of you might notice that there has been a break in episode continuity. This is due, because of a panicked rush to clear space on my hard-drive so I could complete a project (I need another hard-drive), to me accidentally deleting those files. I still have the DVDs (I think) but it will be a matter of a few weeks before I can get them ripped, reconditioned, and put up here.
This episode had me interviewing Jenny Bowen, of the Faces of Asheville project, and the Asheville ABC project, both of which I support. It also had a performance of the Mezmer Society, with incredibly bad lighting. I like Hookah Joe's, it is not TV friendly.

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