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Introducing the Vortex Cabaret

The Vortex Cabaret is a series of bi-weekly variety shows presented at the Boiler Room, 11 Grove Street, Asheville, NC. The first will be on May 20th, a Wednesday, at 10 PM. Admission is $10 for ages 21+, $12 ages 18-20.
Each Vortex Cabaret will feature a an eclectic mix of some most interesting artists and performers in the Asheville area. It is my hope to turn it in a sort of mini fringe-fest, an evergreen outlet for the quirky, creative force that is Asheville. This week's Vortex Cabaret will feature the songs on One Tough Cookie, The belly-dancing of Sparrow, the hoop-dancing of Melmac Pink, the comedies of JJ Jackson and Nathan Adams, and the burlesque art of Theatre de Fetiche. Come early, drink often.

1 comment:

Alex Sacui said...

the idea for the poster is you switch the names and date every 2 weeks right? keep the same look?