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Vortex Cabaret Post-Mortem

Vortex Cabaret was a blast.
I was worrying too much before the show, as usual. I have a tendency of psyching myself out before anything new, ramping up my anxiety to quite frankly comical levels before I do anything new. While this may sound like a good survival strategy, and it isn't, it does give you a nice release when things don't turn quite as bad as you imagined they would. Still, I had cause to be worried. One of my performers canceled the day of the show (family emergency), one didn't know where the venue was, and another thought the thing was happening at the Rocket Club. Lesson for next time: make sure everyone knows where to turn up beforehand.
There was NO ONE there when we started. And we started 30 minutes late, in the vain hopes someone would show up. Then, about 5 minutes after our first act, One Tough Cookie, took the stage, they came en masse. Well, en masse might be overstating things a bit. This was not a large crowd, at least as not as large as I initially hoped. But it was a good crowd for our first time.
The acts all performances all exceeded my expectations. Hell, half the reason I do stuff like this is because I don't see what I want, I don't have the experiences I want, and seems to be sometimes the only way to get those experiences is to make the thing myself. I'm quite pleased with this result. I hope to have (most of) them back for future performances.
The next Vortex Cabaret will be June 3rd, Wednesday, 10 PM, at the Boiler Room. Admission has been lowered to $5, so really should check it out.

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