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Ada & Charles Fight Crime- Or- Women Smoking Pipes are Hot

So, the People over at Io9 have turned me on to a new webcomic:

2D Goggles

I dig it. I really do. A lot. I just have a small problem with making Ada Lovelace the patron heroine of steampunk, as seems the trend.
Don't get me wrong, the person, the character, of Ada Lovelace, is great. Its iconic. Her brilliance, her heritage, her obsessions- they all combine to make a truly inspirational figure. But it is a figure that is properly claimed by the cyberpunks. It is a figure that did historically exist.
But what most people, even people who know who Ada Lovelace was, do not know is that she had a half sister by the name of Allegra Byron.
Allegra died when she was five. She is the unrealized possibility, the might-have-been. She is the road not traveled chosen, who could have made Europe and the World mad, bad, and wonderful to know. She is my candidate for the quintessential steampunk heroine.
I intend to develop these ideas further (and perhaps make her the protagonist of a steampunk story) at a time when it is not 4:37 frickin' AM. Good night.

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