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Carl Mumpower hates women and wants them to be murdered

At least, that is the only conclusion I can draw from his recent activities. Carl Mumpower, Asheville City Council member and douchebag, has expanded from his crusade against the evils of undocumented human being, and the evils of the Demon Weed known as reefer (and other assorted fun items.) He has now gone for the trifecta of social authoritarianism, and set his sights on prostitution in Asheville. From Ashevegas:
Asheville City Councilman Carl Mumpower has been pumping out press releases right and left this week about his displeasure with all the escort services doing business in Asheville. Mumpower questions why there seems to be so much activity in this industry, recently writing about prostitutes strolling near Asheville Middle School over on South French Broad Avenue.

You should read the full piece.

Its quite simple. Laws against prostitution do not stop prostitution. They only endanger prostitutes. When prostitution is illegal, it makes it that much easier for prostitutes to be assaulted, raped, and yes, murdered. Many fine organizations, like Bound, Not Gagged, have been saying so loudly and eloquently for years. And yet, dicks like Mumpower continue to champion prohibition. This leads me back to my original thesis; Carl Mumpower wants women to be murdered.
You want to get prostitutes off the streets? Fine, legalize prostitution so they can open a decent storefront like any other legitimate business. Want to protect women? Fine, legalize prostitution so that they can have the benefit of legal protection. Want to stop the objectification of women and the deadly sexism in society? Fine, legalize prostitution so that women (and men) are treated like adult human individuals who can decide for themselves what to do, who to do it with, and how much to charge for it. Want to stamp out the immorality of prostitution? Fuck off and die.
You know, it occurs to me that I may have been too hard on Carl "Goat*@&#er" Mumpower. I'm sure he doesn't want all women to get murdered. Only some of them.
Is that better?

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