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New Vortex Cabaret!

A new Vortex Cabaret! Woo hoo! A heavily promoted one, as evidenced by this being posted a week before the event (well, heavily promoted by my standards.) It will feature the comedy rantings of Sister Discordia, music by Forrest, puppetry by Madison, and burlesque by Theatre de Fetiche. Gonna be a good show.
The Vortex Cabaret is a series of live variety shows I produce at the Boiler Room, on 11 Grove Street, every other Wednesday. This next one is scheduled for July 15th. They are, if I may toot my own horn, some of the best shows I've seen in Asheville, or really anywhere. Doors open at 9 PM. Come early and drink often.

We also have Elisa Faires &Co. back on as special guest performers for this Cabaret. Elisa's "Dada Beach" one on of the highlights of the performances last month.

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