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This is me entering politics **Shudder**

So, I'm once again involved in a group starting a local currency for the Asheville area. This time, the group is taking a very long-term, so going approach, making sure we have all our based covered, T's crossed, and I's dotted before we even begin to think about designing the currency. This is completely opposite from how I have gone about these things in the past, so I approve.
Municipal elections are coming up in Asheville, and I happen to know some of the candidates. Given the inevitably political nature of local currencies, I written the first draft of a position paper to be handed out to the candidates. While the thought of this sticks somewhat in my anarchist craw, its going to come up in the local public scene sooner or later, and I'd to get a handle on it now before we get handled later on. Please note that this is indeed a first draft. I'll post the finished product when its finished.

Asheville Currency Project Position Paper

Dear Candidate:
We are a group working on establishing a community currency for the Buncombe County area. We believe that a community currency is essential to the future economic health and prosperity of this region. In order to help you contribute to this health and prosperity, we present the following positions that we urge you to adopt as part of your current political platform.

  1. The City and County should accept all community currencies-that have met established standards for transparency, professionalism, and robustness,- as payment for all fees, debts, and other payments owed to the City and County by the residents of Asheville and Buncombe County.
  2. The establishment of a community currency is essential to the economic health of the Buncombe County area, especially given the current national economic situation. With this in mind, either the City of Asheville or Buncombe County should, either through a direct grant or through requesting the appropriate federal funds, such as an Americorp grant, help fund the start-up and establishment of a community currency.
  3. Due to the unscrupulous and uninformed actions and opinions of certain State and Federal officials, community currencies are in a constant danger of being declared illegal. While it turns out they are in fact legal, the resulting legal difficulties and frustrations drain vital time and resources from the community currency. Therefore, we request that that City and County legal resources make themselves aware of the true laws and regulations governing community currencies, and that they vigorously defend the legal rights of their citizens from improper investigation and harrassment from State and Federal officials.
  4. To reiterate, the establishment of a community currency is essential to the economic health of the Buncombe County area. Thus we ask the City of Asheville to request that the Asheville Chamber of Commerce come on board with the community currency concept, and offer their resources and participation in order to ensure its success.

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