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What is the Temple of the New Flesh?

We are the children of the Kali Yuga, the spawn of this strange aeon. With us, Death may die. We have our feet on the ground, and our finger on the pulse of the world, and we know the truth: there is no enemy anywhere, and you are free.

Old sorcerers, feeble and afraid, have tried to chain us with shackles of Law, of Nation, of Church, of Science, Of Guilt, Of Decency. But we are wise to their ways, and have slipped our bonds. In vain they deny our power, in vain they seek to convince us that we are slaves to fate and providence. But we are wise to their ways, and we say: We are not victims. We are not subjects. We are not pawns. We happen to other people.

There is no world but the World, and it is stranger than you know. Everything is real, and nothing is forbidden. In this crucible we shall recast our bodies, our lives, our destinies, into the works of art and play we know them to be.

Chaos lives, in our hearts and in the soul of every grain of sand and the core of every star. We dance to the beat of our origin, and find it is our true step. We ride the dragon Tiamat, and she returns the favor. We take the offered apple, and give it to Eris, the fairest one of all. We are in the Way.

The Temple of the New Flesh is the answer to the question you have not asked yet. It is the grand conspiracy behind your daydreams and erotic fantasies. Its lineage can be traced back farther than humanity, and it will outlast the cockroaches. You may already be a member.

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