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Asheville has Chaotes! Huzzah!

I went to a meeting of chaos magicians tonight. I've been fascinated with Chaos Magick for, oh, over ten years now. I blame this on Dungeons & Dragons. General occultism helped, Hakim Bey helped, the notion that any sufficiently analyzed magick is indistinguishable from science helped, but I fell in love with the idea when I read about Wild Magic in a D&D supplement. Also, its possible to trace my love of mythologies, both historical and fictional, to the AD&D 1st ed. supplement, Deities & Demigods.
Anyway, yes, there are chaos magicians in Asheville. Here are some interesting facts about Asheville chaos magicians:
  1. Chaos magicians regularly eat at Cici's Pizza. While, at first blush, this may not seem like a particuarly chaosy place to eat, the Jolie Rogue is dead and gone, and you couldn't have dinner there anyway. So that leaves Cici's.
  2. There are organizations, societies, and club-type things within the Chaos Magick stratum. One person at the meeting, another newcomer like myself, is a member of one such organization: the IOT.
  3. A lot of chaos magicians love DragonCon. This is less an interesting fact, and more a confirmation of the nature of reality.
  4. "....and then Cthulhu comes" makes a delightful rejoinder to any statement.
  5. If I have anything to say about it, Asheville is going to get a lot more magickal in 2010.

1 comment:

Fred Mephisto said...

Greetings sir! It was my pleasure to meet you Thursday, and I look forward to our next opportunity to talk.

Perhaps I am in the minority, having no affection whatsoever for CiCi's (how about Blue Mountain?), but this won't be a significant deterrent for my attendance!

Feel free to contact me at this address, or through what will hopefully emerge as the ACMC mailing list.

(Incidentally I located this site by searching for your email address as given to Wendy.)