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Here Endeth the Pleasure Saucer

The TV show, at any rate. Dealing with the grinding of trying (and often failing) to put out a new show each week has grown progressively less fun over the months, and the disaster that was this last guest is the straw that broke the dromedary. So, no more Pleasure Saucer episodes, at least for a while. The archives section shall stand as a proud testament.
But do not despair! The Pleasure Saucer website you are currently reading shall continue to go strong. I am still producing a live show at the Boiler Room (that will actually be retooled in new and exciting ways for 2010.) I plan on reinventing Pleasure Saucer as a radio show for the local internet radio stations in town. I shall be producing (soon, I hope) a series of shorter webisodes for this blog, which may be including in a new URTV weird compilation show which should launch in 2010 (think Night Flights.) Finally, in a "serious vein", I'm exploring the concept of a panel show for URTV, discussing world, national, and local affairs. I'm planning on calling it "The Asheville Discussion."
Updates to follow.

1 comment:

Tom Scheve said...

Good luck with your future endeavors, Johnny! Sounds very exciting, and I really enjoyed what you did on TV w/ Pleasure Saucer. Are you still filming Vortex Cabaret at all? Look forward to seeing your new projects --