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Resolutions for the New Year

These are not a joke. Or, if they are a joke, they're a sincere joke. There are the things I intend to do in 2010.
  1. Weigh 250 lbs., and keep weighing 250 lbs.
  2. Start a currency.
  3. make a music video for the band I'm in: Traxx.
  4. Make a movie.
  5. Get a story published.
  6. Work for myself.
  7. Get a girlfriend (Is this desperate? Fuck it. I have a lot to share with the right woman.)
  8. Dress better.
  9. Work through level IV of Robert Anton Wilson's Prometheus Unbound.
  10. Summon a UFO.
  11. Prepare a kick-ass steampunk convention.
  12. Get my staff back.
  13. Get a new vehicle.
  14. Visit my mom.
  15. Get into a sport.
  16. Get back into a martial art.
  17. De-clutter my life. 
  18. Get crafty/DIY.
  19. Visit somewhere that's not the East coast of the US.
  20. Take more pictures.
  21. Make more art.
  22. Write more.
  23. Blog more.
  24. Save money.
  25. Live more, and take more chances.
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1 comment:

david said...

I wish you well on your quest to fulfill your resolutions. I, for one, can't wait to see many of these come to fruition (more blogging, music video, film, and the steampunk convention high on that list).

May the new year find you well.