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Vortex Cabaret on March 4th

Vortex Cabaret II- The Quickening. We've got a multimedia art exhibition by Lou Majors (all bugs now worked out, its going to be awesome), we've got the best in local comedy, we've got singer/dancer Sparrow Sugarfoot, and we've got music by Dark Shave ∓ Death by analog. Gonna be a hell of a show.

The Vortex Cabaret is a weekly variety show, that takes place every Thursday at 11 on the Grove (11 Grove St, Ashveville, above Scandals), at 9 PM. We feature art exhibitions, cult movies, comedians, singer/songwriters, dancers, burlesque, music, and a whole lot more. 

Admission is $5. So is the all you can drink PBR. Come on down.

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