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The Vortex Cabaret Show- A Proposal

So, I have been doing the Vortex Cabaret for a while now. I'm doing this so that performance artists and artistic performers have a stage for trying new things in front of an audience- and get paid for it. Its the last bit that's tricky.
I believe in the Vortex Cabaret. I believe in the performances, and I believe in the fun people have at it. What I do not believe is that, in the current economic climate, I can sustain the Vortex Cabaret on just the price of admission. Performers need to get paid. The venue needs to get paid. It would be nice if I got paid too, come to think of it.
All of which leads me to the creation of the Vortex Cabaret Show, I television show I will (hopefully) do for URTV. It will be a weekly hour-long show, shown at 11 PM, with the individual performances reposted on youtube. This show will need sponsors. I am offering sponsorship spots, in ten second increments, at $20 per increment. I will film and create all spots at my own expense. Also, every youtube clip of the Vortex Cabaret will also include one of the spots. If you are interested, please contact me here. If you are interested in seeing my experience in television, please check out the episodes of my previous show, "Pleasure Saucer."
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