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Carnival of the Stark Fist- the Resurrection

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That's right, what was once a regular feature is making a comeback. Fridays are now my weekly roundup of what's going on in the Subgenius, Discordian, and Moorish Orthodox blogospheres. This is why the internet was created. Seriously, fuck LOLcats.
  • Hour of Slack #1249- The weekly podcast from high in the dark tower of the Church's central hierarchy, bringing the latest good news to the faithless and terror to the pinks. Except that this one is a re-run. But that's okay. Time control!
  • A New Calendar- On the subject of Time Control, Rev. Bunny day of Radio ?!  (pronounced "interrobang") has produced a new calendar for you to arrange you lives around, and then ignore. The creation of timekeeping and event-recording systems is a very important activity for Yetis. One of the most insidious ways the Conspiracy controls what you think is be controlling how you remember the past and plan for the future (my advice- do neither.) On the subject of Radio ?! - MOAR RADIO ?!!!!! I love these podcasts. Really , the entirety of Rev. Bunny Day's blog is massive amounts of win.
  • Your Instructions- From Frop Bobbie. Follow them. FOLLOW THEM! ALL OF THEM! RIGHT NOW! AT THE SAME TIME! DO IT!
That's is for right now. Did I miss anything? Any Discordian or MOC events going on I should know about (I did look)? Any feeds I should be following? If so, let me know.
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