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Its Spring again. Hooray! Time, for life, time for fun, time for heat (and then refreshing coolness after the heat!)
I am not ready for Spring and Summer. Don't get me wrong, I like that winter is going away (barring the occasional unseasonal snow flurry Mother Nature pops up just to fuck with me.) I'm just not in a life regenerating mindset right now. I have to prepare for those, because my tendency is to start a million things at once. I'm a bad-ass at starting things. My endings could use a little work.
I'm certainly not prepared physically. My body is still firmly in a hibernation, fend-off-the-winter-with-a-layer-of-blubber mode. I am, in short, fat. Rotund. Portly. Husky. In danger of developing my own planetary system. The jokes go on and on.
I need to lose weight. Period. This is not a moral issue. This is not an environmental issue. This isn't even a health issue. I'm not getting the things I want done accomplished, and one of the things holding me back is my weight. So it goes.
This is part of Operation: Spring cleaning. Out with the old, and the unneeded. Time to be ruthless. I need space, physically, mentally, and emotional. Time to clean up, and straighten out.

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