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New Band Names

Image of Jiivan Nelson from FacebookImage of Jiivan Nelson
Traxx, the band I was in, has broken up. It is no more. It has ceased to be. It has shuffled off its metaphorical mortal coil, and joined the concert line-up invisible. If it wasn't a convenient fiction to consider it one entity, it would be pushing up the daisies. Its fucking snuffed it. This is an ex-band.
That's okay. We had fun, and when it stopped being fun for some people, we found others ways to have fun. Which brings me to my next project. Jiivan, the former drummer of Traxx, and I are teaming up as a as-of-yet unnamed duo. Something in the heavy electronica genre. The thing is, we don't have a name yet. It may seem silly to be going on about a name when we don't have any tracks yet, but I can't do anything about that right now. So, I will work on what I can.
Here are the ideas and suggestions I've had and received for band names. The one's Jiivan likes are in white. The one Ben (my brother, and another former member of Traxx) likes are in blue. The ones we're not sure of are in yellow. The ones I really like (which no one else seems to like) are in red.
  • The New Truth
  • Cruel Shoes
  • The Artcrime Project
  • Obscurati
  • The Goblin Fair Orchestra
  • Simon Magus Savior
  • Soundman Magus
  • Magus
  • Black March
  • Anarcho-Rama
  • Xenophonic
  • The Omar Ravenhurst Conspiracy
  • Temple of the New Flesh
  • Degradation Inc.
  • Hellish
  • Robiphobia
  • Horrorshow
  • Depravity Well
  • Cirque du Singularity
  • Ghost Hack
  • Tom Riddle
  • Erisian Liberation Front
  • Dreams of Dragonfire
  • Wizards of Tai-Pan
  • Leather & Spice
  • NWODHM (New Wave of Deaverview Heavy Metal)
  • NWODE (New Wave of Deaverview Electronica)
  • NWODT (New Wave of Deaverview Techno)
  • Electric Cigarrette
  • Vortex Assassins
  • Blue-Ass Jug Band
If any of these seem good, of if you have any suggestions, please leave a comment.
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