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Asheville Solidarity Economics

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I was privileged this Sunday to attend a meeting of the Firestorm Cafe's monthly reading group. We read the pamphlet "Solidarity Economics" by Ethan Miller. Solidarity Economics seems to be a somewhat broader version of a concept I know and approve of, Counter-Economics. The conversation eventually moved to the solidarity economic firms we currently have (Firestorm Cafe, the Asheville Currency Project) and the things we thought we needed. Here's a list.

  • Localized surplus redistribution/investment network
  • Real utility cooperatives
  • An affordable child-care network
  • School LETS & solidarity economic networks
  • Local agriculture co-op and buying club network
  • A directory of working models & examples of actual solidarity economic firms
  • A local solidarity economics directory
  • An ethical realty firm
  • Financial planning/counseling for radicals
  • Local emergency communication network
  • More co-op housing
  • More intern & apprenticeship programs
  • Bring back the ACRC
  • Radical security/conflict resolution/crisis intervention
  • Chamber of solidarity commerce
  • local area-wide ride-sharing network
  • Network and mechanism for utilizing excess household capacity
  • More mutual aid societies
Its an impressive list, really. Anybody want to get started? I'll be posting more thoughts on this in the next few weeks.
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