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Some Thoughts on the Recent Unpleasantness

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This last Saturday night, on May Day, some anarchists broke some windows in Asheville. Some people are calling them "so-called" anarchists, or "self-proclaimed" anarchists. Those are slurs invented by the media and those in power. If they say they are anarchists, and are sincere in that declaration, then they are anarchists. They may not be particular good anarchists, or intelligent anarchists, but they are anarchists.
Some thoughts:
  • If this is insurrectionism , you're doing it wrong. Propaganda by Deed takes wit, balls, and style. This action showed none of those.
  • All they did was break some windows. They didn't kill anybody, they didn't assault anybody. They did hurt people, because those businesses were owned by people, some of whom shouldn't have had to go through this. But they didn't set up a system to steal part of their income every year. They didn't beguile & bully the children of Asheville to die in wars on foreign soil. They didn't use political skulduggery to help corporations poison the land and the people. On the grand scale of people who have done things to hurt Asheville locals, these guys are actually pretty far down the list.
  • While they may not get my support as anarchists (nor, I assert, do they deserve yours), they do deserve our support as prisoners. The prison-industrial complex is a monster to be resisted, and those in its power are people to be helped. Even if they have done something you don't like. If you truly believe there is a better way to interact with people who have aggressed, then don't throw away that belief just because something bad has happened to them. Evil done against your enemies is still evil. 
  • The anarchist community in Asheville is evidently rather splintered. I'm not necessarily against that. Union for its own sake is odious. But maybe we could do a bit more talking? Maybe? If not an outright Asheville anarchist organization, they at least mabye an Asheville anarchist coffee klatch? Maybe we could be the Kombucha Party.

AnarchistNews.Org call for solidarity and support
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