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I Should Explain What's Happening

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So. It turns out that URTV will now last another year, and possible must longer. I have the producer bug again.
I'm going to resurrect the Pleasure Saucer TV show. I'm not going to do a TV series. Rather, I'm going to do a series of monthly one-hour specials. They're not going to be talk-shows with weird elements. They are going to be full-bore Subgenius tele-devivals, full of sex, drugs, rock'n'roll, and slack, slack, slack. I may expand these into live shows that filmed later on, but for the first three or four are going to be a straight studio creation.
I'm also going to do a radio show with my brother, name undetermined as of yet (maybe "Asheville Supertalk." Maybe not.) More updates on all of this as they develop.
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