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'Dispatches from Planet Z' will kick your ass

"Dispatches from Planet Z", the newest television experience from Pleasure Saucer Productions, will redefine your reality. Long held preconceptions and cherished axioms will be blown away. You'll be able to taste colors. Various appendages will grow larger and firmer. You will become irresistible to individuals of an indeterminate gender. 
Candy may be involved.
"Dispatches from Planet Z" will be a weekly half-hour show, premiering on URTV, a service of the Western North Carolina Community Media Center. It will feature the news and views of myself, Rev. Johnny Lemuria, and be the official state media the Triple Caliphate of Zarmina (More on that later.)
But this will not merely be a lonely solo effort! Oh, no indeed. By reading this, you have the chance to become one of the Elite, the Elect, the Worthy; you have a chance to contribute to the Dispatches. 
Send me your content! Send me your photos, send me your videos, send me your artwork, your stories, your poems. Let's get them on the air! Rejected by others because its too weird, too twisted? That's what I crave! Worried its not twisted enough? Don't. I can take care of that. Don't have a visual record to send? If you're in the Buncombe County area, I'll film it for you. 
Become part of  Planet Z! Join the facebook page, and help decide on topics, the tone of the show, what kind of content it will have, all sorts of things! Become one of the avant garde. Join the "in" crowd of the New Era. Journey to Planet Z.
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