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Declaration of Sovereignty

I'm starting my own country. When someone starts their own country, and it isn't (normally) raided by the BATF soon after, that country is called a micronation. There are many micronations, and the practice has a long and fascinating history. Some are serious, some are playful, and lots are ridiculous (guess which one kind I'm going for.) A lot of ideas are ridiculous before they work. 
Countries are works of art. Some micronations are explicitly art-oriented, such as Ladonia, or the NSK State. That is what I'm aiming this, the Triple Caliphate of Zarmina, to be along the lines of. Here's a random video on the new planet Zarmina, which I am claiming as my territory:

The Caliphate is a theocratic micronation (for a given value of theocratic), which means that not only will it be an art micronation, it will be an art religion, like my three favorite art religions: the Church of the Subgenius, the Cult of Discordia, and the Moorish Orthodox Church.
Below is the Declaration of Sovereignty for the micronation:

Declaration of Sovereignty
of the
Triple Caliphate of Zarmina
as revealed by
The Cosmic Horde

  • Let the Received Wisdom of the Cosmic Horde be known.
  • Let it be known that the Cosmic Horde resides on the Holy Planet Zarmina, has experienced the Liberatory Transformation, and desires that others do the same.
  • Let it be known that they have created the Triple Caliphate of Zarmina to provide the Liberatory Transformation to the People of Earth.
  • Let it be known that the People of Earth are Free.
  • Let it be known that the only purpose Politics and Religion now serve for humanity is as Art.
  • Let it be known that the Triple Caliphate of Zarmina serves as an organ for its citizens to suffuse their lives with Art, and thus give it meaning, for there is no meaning to life without Art.
  • Let it be known that the six pillars of the Caliphate are Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, Justice, and Beauty.
  • Let it be known that the Six Pillars are the Virtues of the Cosmic Horde, and the Keys  to the Liberatory Transformation.
  • Let it be known that reality is what you can get away with.

Rev. Johnny Lemuria
Ambassador to Earth

As I have said previously, my new TV show premiering in December, Dispatches from Planet Z, will be the official outlet and news service for the Triple Caliphate. Befriend the Z on Facebook for the inside scoop, and watch this blog for more details.

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