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A Humble Suggestion

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Luigi Galleani (1861 – November 4, 1931) 
Dear Asheville-Area Anarchists (at least those of the insurrectionist variety),
First of all, solidarity. I may not agree with the tactics of two recent actions in Asheville, but I wasn't there, and few things are more annoying than a backseat rioter or an armchair class-warrior. What was done, was done.
As I understand it, the theory behind insurrectionism is that such acts are meant to either inspire the populace to revolt, sustain the anarchists in their revolution, or demonstrate that such actions of revolt and revolution are possible. I fail to understand how breaking shop & car windows, and 're-painting' the walls of the Dept of Corrections, accomplishes any of those things. Public opinion seems to be against it, and it seems like a lot of the other anarchists in the area are against it as well ( again, backseat rioters and armchair class-warriors, but we do have to live with each other.) I don't think it netted you anything material to continue the struggle with. And while the attack on the DOC did a little bit to expand the realm of possibilities, the May Day stuff certainly didn't. We already knew glass breaks.
Please understand, I'm not coming after you on some sort of moralistic high horse. I'm hardly in a position to judge the ethics of fellow anarchists. And I hope I don't come off sounding like an anarchist veteran trying to set you straight. I am in no way a veteran of the struggle, nor do I delude myself into thinking I'm some tactical mastermind who has the perfect set of plans for you.
What I am is a fellow anarchist. Not an insurrectionist, but broadly in the mutualist/syndicalist camp. I practice the tactic of dual power. I believe when the 'long emergency' starts, and the Age of the Black Swan arrives, we're not going to need to disrupt the capitalist system. Its going to be plenty disrupted on its own. What we as anarchists need to do is to be ready when that disruption occurs. You've demonstrated your affinity for action and violence, and there's nothing wrong with that. Given that affinity, and given the tactic of dual power, may I recommend forming an Anarchist Militia? We could use one. I honestly think it would more fully reach the goals of Insurrectionism, and be much more popular (and since this whole thing is about liberating the populace, shouldn't that be a valid concern?)
There are plenty of projects going on right now that could use the muscle (Copwatch, LBGT defense, etc.) The ethics and practice of an anarchist militia should be worked now, before it is actually needed. Now is the time, and Asheville is a good place, to do that.
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