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Resolutions for the Year that Goes Up To Eleven

[resolution revolution]Image by RHiNO NEAL via FlickrFor the new upcoming year of 2011, I resolve to (among other things):
  1. Get a body I like, or like the body I got. One of the two.
  2. Get paid for writing.
  3. Write a novel.
  4. Make a movie.
  5. Work for myself. 
  6. Make some decent clothes
  7. Become a handy, crafty, DIY dude. 
  8. Increase Anarchy.
  9. Celebrate the year, with as many holidays as I can.
  10. Live within walking (or at least biking) distance of downtown Asheville
  11. Build a chain-sword.

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1 comment:

Marileta said...

I foresee fame, fortune, fulfillment, and fun in your future. Forward!