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Welcome to Pleasure Saucer Press

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This all started out as a TV show.
I am a reverend in the Church of the Subgenius. Before there was a flying spaghetti monster, before there was Anonymous, before there was 4Chan's /b/, there was the Church of the Subgenius. More than a joke, less than a cult (they don't give you the kool-aid, you have to make your own), the subgenii are a group of mutants and mockers, artists and assholes, proponents of weirdness for the sake of weirdness, and FUCK YOU if you can't take a joke.
They are my kind of people.
One of the central tenets of the Subgenius faith is the concept of "Launching your own escape vessel" (escape vessels are also called 'pleasure saucers'.) Which means, in essence, finding your bliss, your vocation, your Tao, your raison d'etre, and making it the supreme thing in your life. Or it means making your own DIY nuclear-powered UFO in your backyard, whichever is fine.
My first attempt at this was Pleasure Saucer TV, a program on Buncombe County's former public access TV station, URTV. Due to in-fighting, short-sightedness, and financial shenanigans from the Buncombe County Commission, it was shut down. This taught me an important lesson: control the means of production.
This brings us to my latest escape vessel, Pleasure Saucer Press. As heralded by writers such as Wesley Dean Smith, there is a revolution going on in publishing right now, a revolution paralleled in the music and the TV/film industry. The gatekeepers and the costs of production are fast disappearing, eliminating the barriers (and overhead costs) between producers and consumers. Plus, you get much better production values in a story than you do in a movie.
So, Pleasure Saucer Press will be putting out a new short story, comic collection, or novel every one to two weeks. For updates, please subscribe to this blog, like Pleasure Saucer Press on Facebook, or follow me on the Twitter.

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