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Free Flash Fiction Time!

This thing is so very NSFW. Or Taste. Or Dr Who fans, proabably. Anyway, you've been warned.

Encounter at New Savannah

Year- 6014 
Location- Planet of New Savannah 
Jenny ran through the swamp, through the thunderstorm. She got the running from her father; He was a big believer in running. 
She ran, heedless of the tree limbs ripping at her clothing, revealing the taut, fit form of the young blond woman. She knew why the people from the settlement pursued her, but she couldn’t help what she was.
Jenny tripped over a tree root, and fell into the mud. She came up, gasping for air, filthy. Getting to her feet, she looked around to get her bearings. A lightning flash illuminated some sort of structure about 50 meters away. It looked large, abandoned, and at this point Jenny didn’t care about anything else, she needed to get out of the storm.
Moss hung on the walls like they were curtains. Great vines strangled the fluted white columns and veranda at the front of the building. Jenny walked cautiously through the unlocked front door, her soldier’s senses finely tuned for danger.  
Standing in the great hall of the structure, she eyed the barely illuminated decor. It looked elegant and faded. Aesthetic contemplation ended with the approach of a light from an interior doorway. Jenny tensed.
The light came from a candelabra, held by a woman wearing a sheer white gown.“I’d knew you’d come, grandfa-” The woman began, then came up short when she saw who was in the hall. “Who the hell are you?” The woman said, and strode angrily toward Jenny in order to get a better look.
Jenny was struck dumb. The woman was beautiful! Small, with short black hair in a pixie cut. The body athletic, with just the right amount of curve and sway to the hips to set Jenny’s knees to weaken. The aureole of nipples just visible through the gown rode so high on those firm yet ample breasts that they might as have been on parade. Jenny had only recently discovered that girls could make her feel the same way as boys. No boy had made her feel the way this woman did.
“Well?” Demanded the woman, looking at the bedraggled, half-naked form of Jenny with some distaste. “M-my name is Jenny....lovely h-house you hav... *slump*” Overcome with the excitement, cold, and lust, Jenny fainted before her mysterious host.
  * * *.
Jenny awoke, warm and clean. Before opening her eyes, she sensed she was on a comfortable bed, the most comfortable she had ever experience. She stretched out. Jenny then noticed she was naked.
She open her eyes.
The woman was standing at the foot of the bed, naked as well. Every delight hinted at by the gown had been delivered in spades. She held a strange yet curiously familiar device in her hand.
“My name is Susan.” The woman said. “I believe you have some connection with my grandfather.” At this point Jenny would have happily confessed a connection with the woman’s grandfather, uncle, or the Interplanetary Sontaran Soccer Team if it would have gotten this Susan into bed with her.
“I’m not sure.” Jenny hedged. “Perhaps we could....discuss the situation?” She nonchalantly (as possible) let her legs splay wide, in what she hoped was an inviting stance.
Susan smirked. “My Grandfather abandoned me, oh so many lifetimes ago, on a world devastated by Daleks, with an idiot human I had a brief infatuation with. I had intended to lure my grandfather here, to get my revenge.” She sauntered over to the side of the bed, and let her fingers trace over Jenny’s breasts. Jenny shivered at the sensation. “I may still use you to get that revenge. But first, I’m going to have some fun. I deserve that.”
Susan lept on the bed, straddling Jenny. She fell upon Jenny, kissing her brutally, biting her lips, guiding Jenny’s unresisting hands above her head and pining them there, doing the same to Jenny’s legs with hers.
Jenny surrendered utterly, letting herself be used and abused. She writhed under the control of Susan, thrusting her hips up in an attempt to get some purchase, some friction, some longed-for penetration for her hungry sex. Her one free hand holding the strange device, Susan flicked a switch, causing a buzzing sound so familiar to Jenny that it almost brought her out of her reverie. Before she could get her mouth free to question it, Susan had moved the device to Jenny’s sex, and nuzzled it against her twin clitori (evidently a novelty among humanoids.)
Time whimed. Space wibbled, and wobbled. Her skin was bathed in a cold fire of sensation, and the Time Vortex exploded behind her eyes. Her back arched so hard she bucked Susan off, as glowing golden particles streamed from her eyes and mouth. Sitting up quickly, like a woman possessed, Jenny pounced on the now-startled Susan, and initiated her own kiss. She drew her head back sated, as life energy drained from Susan into Jenny.
Jenny lay in the bed next to Susan’s limp form, the post-coital, post-feeding depression already hitting her. At first it had just been a kiss, and then only if she were near death. Now she needed to consume an entire lifeforce with every orgasm. She wondered how long she could live this way. Maybe it would just be better to-
Jenny was interrupted from her brooding by a glow emanating from the evidently not quite dead Susan. Jenny watched, dumbfounded, as Susan’s body levitated off the bed. She dove off the bed once Susan’s hands and feet start shooting out streams of energy, still poking her head over the edge to watch the rest of the wonderment. Susan’s form lengthened to an Amazonian height, the features of her face changed, her breasts increased in size, and her hair when from short black to curly red. She examined her hands with astonishment.
Jenny figured that since the woman she thought she had kill was still alive, the least could do was be helpful.
“Now, about your grandfather....”

This is response to a flash fiction challenge from the Terrible Minds website. Had to do a mashup of two genres, I chose femslash (Dr Who) and Southern Gothic. First time writing fanfic, femslash, or flash fiction. I had plans to use the characters, plus a new original one, a forgotten daughter of the Master (cleverly named, "The Mistress") in a rollickly erotic adventure as the schtup half the cosmos. I may still do that. Anyway, I hope you like this. Currently working on a sword'n'sorcery novel, and the next story in the Lucasta Bashir saga.

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