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Goals for 2012

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Here are my goals, my New Year's Writing Resolutions for Pleasure Saucer Press (possibly changing to Pleasure Saucer Media sometime soon.) Goals here are defined as things related to writing that I have control over. Things I'd like to have happen that I don't have control over are called dreams. This is not the post for dreams (that one will feature more clowns and trampolines attached to parachutes. Seriously, who dreams of an aerial invasion of trampolines via parachutes?)

  • Finish the script for all 18 episodes of 'Voltara the Demonslayer' by the beginning of February (I realize I haven't written anything about 'Voltara' on this blog yet. That will change soon.)
  • Write a feature length script (probably 'Location Shot'.)
  • Write 26 short stories, to be collected into 5 books.
  • Write the novel Dream of the Sorcerer.
  • Write 26 linked pieces of flash fiction (as-yet-unnamed SubGenius/Discordian/Moorish Orthodox project.) To be collected into a book.
  • Write 26 unlinked pieces of flash fiction, to be collected into a book.
  • Write 52 posts on this blog.
  • Write 52 posts on the We Think We're People blog. 
  • Publish all of this.
  • Tell people about it. A lot of people. 

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