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Zines I'd Like to Start in 2012

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I have enjoyed zines since I was a freshman in college, oh so long ago. I never made any, except for one abortive issue of  of something I called Loki's Saga (no copies of this survive. I've made sure of that.) Still, I've always had the urge in the back of my brain to do a zine. Now that the the heyday of zines is over, and print is a dead media, its seems a perfect time to get into zine-making. Here are some titles I'm considering.

  • Big Anarchy- As an Anarchist, my lack of contributions to the Anarchist milieu is sometimes downright embarrassing. So, an Anarchy zine. I can advocate the abolition of the State and review punk albums with the best of them.
  • American Grimoire- Same goes for my interest in the occult. Magick is Art, is Culture, is Counter-Culture, is Subversion, is Rebellion. The American Military/Industrial Complex could use a good hexing. 
  • Lemurian Chronicle- Weird thoughts! Weird humor! Weird fiction! Forteana! Weird religions and downright bizarre science! I remember Lemuria!
I don't know if I'll do any of those. I might do one, some, all, none, one issue, some irregular issues, a regular schedule....many options are available. 

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