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See, Here's the Thing...

It's not really that large an amount of money. We're going to need a lot more to complete the rest of the episodes of Voltara the Demonslayer. All we really need to do the first episode is $500. Should be a snap to to raise that sort of money on Kickstarter. After all, Order of the Stick raised over a million dollars for their project.
But, I was persuaded that limiting ourselves to just one money-raising campaign would be, well, limiting. So, I also set up a campaign with the excellent Indiegogo website. I divided the money needed between the two campaigns- $300 for Kickstarter, and $500 for Indiegogo, which is the minimum you can ask for. And hey! The Kickstarter campaign got fully funded! Within, like, three days! So that's great. Of course, once you factor in Kickstarter's cut, and the amount we need to pay to fund the perks we're giving to people who give us money, that's more like $230. But that's fine. Once we get the money from the Indiegogo campaign, everything will be fine!
Except it's hard to promote more than one campaign at the same time. The Kickstarter campaign was a success because we promoted it. We haven't promoted the Indiegogo campaign enough, and as a result, that one is lagging behind.
But no longer! Now is the time! Now is the time to contribute to the Voltara Indiegogo fundraising campaign! Give a dollar. Give five dollars! Give more dollars and receive fabulous gifts! It's easy! It's fun! Individuals of the desired gender will find you desirable because of this grand gesture. So contribute today. It will make up for that thing you did. You know what I'm talking about.

Contribute here.
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