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Pharaohs All: A Poem

Français : Nectanebo I
Français : Nectanebo I (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Come and play in my sandbox
There's not much for us to fear
The toys are oh so fun
And the sky is oh so clear

Here's a little pyramid
And here's a little Sphinx
Here's a little canal
Very valuable, methinks

So bring out all your puppets
Your Allahs and your cats
Capital, Commune, Pan-Arabia
And all the funny hats

So bring out all your soldiers
Both those at home and those afar
And set them all to kill for
The blood that's in your car

And have them kill for God
And have them kill for gold
Have them kill for the pleasure
Of people doing as they're told

Seasons come and seasons go
Spring collapses into Fall
But we'll keep killing, don't you know
Until we're Pharaohs all
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