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The Pleasure Saucer was a late-night public access cable show I had for a couple of years. How late night? It was the only show scheduled at 2 AM. That means I could show just about anything I wanted. It was fun. I learned a lot about television and film production, met a lot of new friends, and learned that City and County governments are full of lying scumbags who should be put in charge of a hot dog cart, let along a TV station. Now, I'm not a very good archiver, so a lot of the episodes are missing. Here's what I have. I'm including the about page at the time, because it is slightly amusing. The station was killed by the local governments before I could do any of the specials I had planned.

Episodes on This Blog
Episodes on YouTube (incomplete list, quite a few lost)

Voltara the Demonslayer is a web series being produced in Asheville, North Carolina. Aiming at eleven episodes, we've raised the money for Episode One, and plan to shoot that in April. Once that has been edited and presented to the public, we hope to use Episode One to raise the funds we'll need to finish the rest of the series (somewhere in the neighborhood of $7000.) No one is getting paid for this. We are all doing it for that art, and fun, of it.
This series is inspired by such 80's action fantasy classics as Conan the Barbarian, Beastmaster, and Red Sonja. In the series, the Archfiend Strossity has conquered the land of Genery. With the sorceress Fayegia and Garas, leader of the Wolfguard, he rules the land with an iron fist, devouring the souls of the inhabitants to fuel his ascension to dark godhood. Only Voltara, Demonslayer of the Southern Wastes, and her companion Marguerite the Cat, can save the people of Genery, and vanquish the evil of Strossity!
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