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The world economy is built on a house of cards, and the base has already been blown out, we just don't know it yet. Our governments are corrupt, and their incompetence is surpassed only be their rapaciousness. Corporations run roughshod over people. The environment is in the early stages of major, catastrophic change. 
So, what can you do? Changing the system from within won't work. Violent revolution is likely to be nasty, brutish, and unsuccessful. Holing up in the backwoods is increasingly difficult in our surveillance society. Waiting it all out, preparing to pick up the pieces, is not satisfying, and there's no guarantee you'll out last them. So, what to do?
There's one thing to do, and on place to go. The sea. Seasteading. This book will show you, step by step, what you need to take to homestead the open oceans. Now is the time to start planning to live live free, live healthy, and live happy. Now is the time to plan to have a little isle upon the ocean. This book is still in progress. Join the community here. 

Rem- A city ancient and cruel. Blood mortars the cobbles of its streets, 
and dark magics run up the walls like vines. The Ziggurat of the Forgotten God squats in the main square, old even before the first walls of Rem were built, over an age ago....
It is a city ruled by savage warriors and ambitious nobles, who use passion, deception, intrigue, sorcery, cruelty, and of course assassination as standard tools of statecraft. It is a city with many enemies. It can deal with most of them. But it only takes one enemy you can't deal with....
Death stalks the streets of Rem. The Royal Sorcerer has been killed, a feat though impossible. The young sons and daughter of the nobility are being slaughtered, one by one, with no clues or hint to who is behind it. The city of Azam, Rem's great enemy, is preparing for war. And the seers of the Queen of Rem say that the Forgotten God may be stirring from his slumber....
So Zaibon, Zaibon the Black, Zaibon the sorcerer, Zaibon the exiled, is summoned back to the city of his birth, and charged with saving it. With the help of Princess Voltara and the Royal Assassin Jayce, Zaibon must find out who can kill without a trace, what can kill a sorcerer, and how to stop it from killing a city....This story is in progress. Join the community here.

Lucasta Bashir is a typical teenager, going to school on the Tecumseh space station. Typical, that is, aside from illegally racing homemade spacecraft. Now the school has found out she's a racer, and has offered her an impossible choice: betray her friends, or be exiled to the Hell of the future- the surface of Planet Earth. Buy it here.

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