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The Disruption Files

When an innovation happens, be it scientific, technological, or cultural, it has the potential to create a new market, and a new value system. By doing so, it has the potential to threaten and displace current markets, and value systems. These innovations are typically called disruptive innovations.
The Disruption Files will be a series of one hour documentaries about such disruptive innovations. Each episode will explore the subject, interview the people behind it, and discuss their motivations and aspirations concerning their actions. We will also examine the obstacles and objections out there to these disruptive innovations. Finally, we will dicuss the future of this innovation, and what the world might look like fifty years from now with this disruption as the basis of an accepted market and value system.
The first episode, the pilot, will look at the Technocopia Project enginnering collective, which is working on post-scarcity manufacturing. We will travel to Worcester, MA, and spend a week filming them, interviewing them, and getting to the bottom of what they are doing. We will also be interviewing experts in economics, manufacturing, 3D printing, and the concept of scarcity.
The fundraising for this series is going to be done through Mobcaster. We are currently stess-testing the crowdfunding campaign pitch page, so please visit and tell us how we can improve it. The 30 day crowdfunding campaign will go live on April 15th.
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